Sensitisation Events

Nurturing children through play.


Toybank spreads awareness about its vision and mission among groups of people such as corporates and schools.


Toybank alone cannot fulfil its objective of ensuring that each child has the right to play.
This requires the help of private individuals as well as society as a whole. But in the current scenario, there is not enough awareness in India about the necessity of play for children. Sensitisation talks are of great help in this context, transforming un-involved individuals into donors, volunteers or sympathisers.


Through the medium of public presentations and speeches, Toybank’s founder Shweta Chari gets individuals and groups apprised about the child’s right to play, and why it is important.

"There’s something special and irreplaceable about putting a smile on someone’s face. Toybank has given me so many opportunities to do so, and for that I will always be grateful."

- Raunak Devjani