Toy Distribution Events

Nurturing children through play.


These are fun-filled activities in which educational games are given away- one game per child.
Distribution sessions are fun-filled events, with magicians or clowns performing for the excited children; or events such as arts and crafts workshops. Through distribution sessions alone, Toybank aims to reach out to 5,000 children every year.


Distribution sessions involve giving toys to children that are theirs to keep.
Such sessions work as ice-breakers when Toybank is reaching out to a new partner.


Typically, distribution sessions are held to mark the establishment of a new play center.
They are based on pre-assessments of the children’s ages, gender and educational needs.

"It's a million thanks to Toybank for the laughter and joy you brought to Wadia Children's Hospital.
Not only the patients but their parents, our doctors and other staff just could not resist the act put up by 'Dr.Laff-a-Lot.'
You certainly put a smile on the faces on many and we appreciate it much. We thank you all and hope for future co-ordination too. God Bless You All!"

- Mrs. Olinda Dias, CDO, Wadia Hospital for Children