Play Centers

Nurturing children through play.


Toybank sets up play centers in the premises of our partner organizations.
Play centers are spaces where children can have play sessions. These sessions consist of playing with educational games, which instruct as well as amuse. These games are stocked keeping in mind the developmental needs of the children. The games are regularly replaced because of wear and tear and because the children outgrow them. A play session takes place twice a month. Thanks to these play sessions, Toybank has successfully reduced absenteeism, boosted cooperation among children and helped them learn better.


The presence of a trained field officer ensures that children are fully engaged in the play session, and that they get to use the games in the way that is intended.


Our field officers visit each of our play centers twice a month for conducting play sessions.
In addition, Toybank may also send volunteers to assist the field officers.

"I write this to register our unbounded gratitude for the successful launch of your Toybank Programme in the Project areas of Maharogi Sewa Samiti.
The whole Anandwan Family joins me in wishing Toybank great success in the years ahead."

- Dr. Sheetal Amte, Chief Development Officer
Maharogi Seva Samiti (MSS)